Welcome Home Gifts
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Present your client’s new home key with a Welcome Home Gift Box!  These gift sets can include your choice of mix-and-matched items, including home décor customized with your clients’ name, as well as promotional items to help them remember you when it comes time for their next move.


How It Works

Build Your Box

Choose your gifts: decide which items will get your logo and which items will be customized later with each new home-owners’ name.

Poke Does the Prep

We’ll prep your goodies with your custom images and have them ready for lease-signing day!  

You Sell, We Deliver

Give us 3 days notice with your clients’ last name, and we’ll customize your final products and deliver the complete gift set to your office!

Choose your products:

Become a Promotional Partner!

We realize realtors meet potential clients every day who are on the verge of major life events – and that spells P-A-R-T-Y!

We’d love an introduction! Pass along our Info Card, and you’ll receive 15% commission on any event booking over $300.

Become a Poke Promotional Partner!

In short, pass along our Info Card to anyone you meet that might be interested in personalized products for their next party, and you’ll receive 15% commission on any event booking over $300.

Give us your info below, and we’ll send you a pdf preview of our Info Card, along with all the commission details.

No commitment, no expectations, just businesses helping businesses. 

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