1: What made you decide to go ahead and have your wedding during 2020?

Something inside of me felt so sad about rescheduling the wedding – I already didn’t have a clue what the “right way” to plan was. It didn’t feel right. And I didn’t know why. When I sat down and thought about the uncomfortable decision of having to make the smartest, safest decision for everyone I wanted to have at my wedding, it was actually really obvious and comforting that the best decision was to simplify. It was much more my speed and within a stress level that I knew I could actually manage.

2: What were some accommodations/ adjustments you made to your original wedding plan for the pandemic?

Luckily we hadn’t made too many deposits and commitments by the time we realized we wouldn’t be moving forward with our scheduled venue meant for 50 or more. Our Wedding AirBnB was on private property, but we had family coming from several states so we downsized to 10 and hiked around Mt. Evans to find a spot that was free and had some of the most breathtaking views of the mountains.
One hilarious adjustment we had to make, were our dinner plans. Long story short, an accident on the interstate backed us up 2 hours, and there wasn’t time to bake our original meal. So in 30 minutes, ChikFilA whipped up a ton chicken and sides for us.

3: What was the happiest moment during your wedding?

Our vows. They were honest, true and spoken from the heart. We didn’t have the big audience pressure to make us feel silly for saying anything we really wanted to commit to each other. I felt pretty confirmed by my dad’s crying smile when I looked over at my parents holding hands as we exchanged our rings.

4: What’s one piece of advice you’d offer to a couple that are discouraged by planning a COVID wedding right now?

If it feels right, DO IT.. no one ever said; “I wish I would have done what (literally anyone else) told me to do with my wedding.” No one. The only fail proof, consistent advice I received was “Do it for you and your spouse, the way you and your spouse want it. I wish I would have.”
And I have to say; we did it for us and it’s my favorite memory.


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