Painters paint on canvases. Musicians sing on stages. Our creations come to life just about anywhere you can imagine!

Let’s take a trip way back to…. 2015. December of 2015 when Seth decided he liked it (it being Kristin), and put a ring on it. Naturally, Kristin was thrilled and over the moon, but was mostly excited to get her dream wedding planned. Of course there were thousands of ideas spinning in her head, some that were way over the top. But most were doable with a little TLC and Do It Yourself attitude. Months went into planning and searching for the perfect pieces to create everything needed for a custom wedding. However, the search came up a little disappointing when she realized she’d have to go to multiple shops, online websites and craft stores to get everything.

Wouldn’t it have been so much more convenient to have everything in ONE place? Everything done at the same spot instead of having to spend days, weeks, months on searching for it all? That’s how Poke Craft Company was born.

Poke Craft Company was born to create your perfect dream event in a one-stop, custom shop! Let us craft the best experience for you!