I remember when quarantine was first put into effect, everybody was not sure how to feel about it. First it was terrifying. Nobody knew what was going to happen. What will happen with my job? And what will happen with school for my kids? What will happen if I need to go to the grocery store? When will this end? Originally, it was two weeks, which did not sound too horrible. We just had to stay home for two weeks, keep our hands washed, and don’t touch our faces. Easy enough! And while I’m stuck at home for two weeks, I can get all of this stuff done! I can reorganize my closet and read that book I’ve been avoiding. I can create a schedule of things to get time so I don’t waste my day! Maybe I can take up a new hobby. I’m going to be SO productive!

But then… quarantine was extended to a month. Then two months. Then nobody knew what was happening. And then 2020 turned out to be a real life horror movie. And then we realized our closet is still in disarray and we still haven’t touched that book. Did we take up a new hobby? Sure, if you count watching every single documentary on Netflix a hobby. Quarantine turned into what felt like time in seclusion rather than a place to keep yourself safe. Yes, it was extremely important, and it still is, but it started to take its toll mentally. Whether it was depression, boredom or actual physical sickness, everybody experienced some sort of negativity, and lost all motivation to do, well, anything.

Including me.

Not only was I quarantined, I was quarantined with a toddler, and then lost my job (I was an essential worker), so I was really stuck inside. My original plan was to pour all of my free time and energy into Poke Craft Company, get my Etsy site up and running, and create some really cool fun new stuff. However, I did not do any of that. All motivation went out the window while battling with mental health and my own addiction to the freedom to sit around and do nothing in my free time. What’s wrong with playing an iPhone game while my son naps? Nothing! Until it is every single day and there’s a pile of ‘to-do’s’ on my plate and I have no motivation or desire to touch ANY of it.

That changes today. I’m holding myself accountable. I’m putting it in writing right here to change my tune and get back to work. I am going to check go my to-do list, create new things, and blog more often. I want to be able to be there for all of those micro wedding brides, and new moms, and children dealing with virtual learning. The best part about what I do, through all of this, is that I can social distance and I physically do not have to see anybody in order to help them, and supply them with what they need. I have the ability to safely contact any wonderful people in need of help with their events (whether in-person or virtual), and safely deliver them anything they can imagine. And today, I’m going to get out of my own head, and into everybody else’s world.

We all need a little bit of happiness, laughter and love through all of this, and if I can even supply just a glimpse of positivity to somebody else, I am happy.