Alright and here it is! The first blog for Poke Craft Company! I have to apologize in advance because I (Kristin) have a tendency to word vomit, so don’t mind me with that! Anyway, this space is where I plan on putting all kinds of fun things, whether it be: sharing an event we had, what I did this or that day, a few tips or tricks for your event, or just something fun that may or may not interest everybody.  We’re very excited to finally have the website up and running. It was a long process, but an intriguing one. I never thought I’d be running my own business, let alone my own website, but here we are!

I thank you all for bearing with us as we went through the motions with everything, as we are still a new company. We’re eager to hear from you and help make your dream a reality. This whole adventure began when we were trying to plan our own wedding. We just had difficulty finding the exact things we envisioned in the same place, so we made a one-stop shop! Everything you want can all be created right here, instead if investing so much time just trying to find multiple places.  We strive to make everything as quick and painless for you as possible, and make your day stress-free!

We’re excited to hear from you all, and here’s to a new beginning!

Stay awesome,